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    Have studied with Dr. Eleanor Kellon, VMD, on Cushings/IR in our equine friends. Please visit her website (www.drkellon.com) to learn more on this topic. If you have a Cushings/IR horse you may want to further your education on the matter through her website. There is also a Yahoo group available online for support after you are finished and have further questions. They are an invaluable group.

    Have studied “Nutritional Requirements of the Horse” with Dr. Eleanor Kellon. I highly encourage all to read any number of her books written in regards to this very subject, which are available in your local bookstores and or on her website listed above. There is also a Yahoo support group available as well for continuing questions after the course, and if you are like me you will need to refer to them every so often. There is a lot to digest in this course.

    If you are interested in Natural Hoof Care as a profession I suggest you visit the Liberated Horsemanship group, www.liberatedhorsemanship.com, this group is comprised of some of the very best natural hoof care professionals and clinicians you will find.

    I am now affiliated with this wonderful group of people and will encourage you to visit their website if not for wanting a profession just for the FREE educational material available for your own education.


Harmony Natural Horsecare | AANHCP Certified Practitioner, Liberated Horsemanship CHCP

Harmony Natural Horsecare

Barefoot – “As Nature Intended”

police dental 014Harmony Natural Horse Care is based upon the principals of providing and servicing quality hoof care in conjunction with recognizing and mitigating hoof distortion before it becomes an issue. Whether it be from trimming and maintaining healthy hooves, to boots and pads while transitioning a horse from shoes to barefoot, and or trimming and booting a tender footed horse to glue on shoes. The primary goal is to provide comfort and restore natural balance and soundness back to the horse.

I have studied and applied the natural trimming applications researched by Jaime Jackson, Pete Ramey, Dr. Robert Bowker, Gene Ovinicek and Dr. Hilstrud Strasser and many other talented professional hoof care practitioners. Their research has proven that taking the shoes off of the horse and giving the hooves time and the proper trim, as well as a balanced equine diet with lots of free choice forage, will actually improve and abate such debilitating conditions as navicular, laminitis and founder. Even horses that show only signs of an unhealthy hoof, such as cracks splits and flares improve after the initial set up trim.

Harmony Natural Horse Care’s mission statement is to provide and maintain quality hoof care and natural horse keeping consultations. I take a great interest in natural boarding, with an emphasis on 24/7 turn out, quality forages and supplements, and creating the type of herd life that facilitates their wild cousins. There are many different influences that affect the integrity of the hoof. Diet, living quarters and veterinary care all have an impact. The success of a natural hoof /horse care program depends on the cooperation of the horse owner, hoof care provider and veterinarian.

Everyday I am still a student of the horse and am constantly learning. Thank you for visiting my site and hope you found enough information to study on your own and to make an informative decision on going barefoot.

Hoof Care at Windy Hill

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